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What Attracted Alumni Coming to the USA? - A Tribute to QES 2014 article

By Louisa Leung 梁林苑萍 (59FA) President 2013-15, QESAAUSA
In celebration of QES60, we did a questionnaire survey in November, 2013 to elicit members’ experience and

Tribute to Queen Elizabeth School 2014 - download

Here is the message from the Tribute to QES 2014 Editorial Board:


We have great pleasure in producing this publication entitled “Tribute to Queen Elizabeth School

2014” for commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of our Alma Mater. The Publication Sub-committee,

together with other Sub-committees under the Steering Committee for Organizing QES60 celebrations,

was set up in early 2013. After 20 months of hard work, we have produced this internal publication as well

QES60 Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the 60th anniversary celebration of QES.

Please visit QES60 at http://www.qes60.com for the latest news on the celebration activities.

Best Regards,

Tong Sau Chai, Henery (86FA)