2013 Summer picnic


2013 Summer Picnic and Mahjong Tornament

On July 27, fifty one members and guests attended the annual summer gathering at Harbor Bay Isle Community Center in Alameda.  

Our activities began with the singing of the school song, led by Nelson Tsang, introducing the board 

members and voting of the QESAAUSA constitution amendment.  

To promote healthy living we had home cooked meals with several vegetarian dishes.  Special thanks to 

Lin Chua who had spent a week to prepare and cook five gourmet salted ducks.  Both Lin Chua and Patsy 

2013 Annual Picnic/Summer Gathering and Mahjong Tournament

Harbor Bay Isle Community Center
Alameda, CA
  • Time: around 11:00 am
  • RSVP by: July 15, 2013
  • Location: Harbor Bay Isle Community Center
  • Alameda, CA