2013 Summer Picnic and Mahjong Tornament

On July 27, fifty one members and guests attended the annual summer gathering at Harbor Bay Isle Community Center in Alameda.  

Our activities began with the singing of the school song, led by Nelson Tsang, introducing the board 

members and voting of the QESAAUSA constitution amendment.  

To promote healthy living we had home cooked meals with several vegetarian dishes.  Special thanks to 

Lin Chua who had spent a week to prepare and cook five gourmet salted ducks.  Both Lin Chua and Patsy 

Au took turns shoveling 18 lbs of curry chicken in a giant wok.  We tasted the delicious stir-fried homegrown eggs with chives by Philip and May Tai.  Desserts were from Crystal Milton, Vicky Sun and Louisa 

Leung’s friend, Jane Lam.  Thanks to Mai Tai and Susan Pan for donating dishes which added more flavor 

to our lunch.   We appreciate the hard work of our kitchen helpers: Alan Au, Kathleen Wong, Jane Lam, 

Mariana Lee and Larry Ho. 

During our walk along the lagoon after lunch, we observed an egret nesting site atop a tall pine tree.  

We all marveled at the tranquility and the beautiful setting of the trail.  Thomas Lee and Nelson Tsang 

were our photographers who took pictures of the entire event.

After the walk, we still had plenty of energy to practice Line Dancing led by Lorie, friend of Philip Tai.  

Lorie, a talented lady, demonstrated Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword, Shao Lin Stick and a short version of Bruce 

Lee’s chained sticks.  

A lot of us were hoping to be the lucky winner of Philip Tai’s home grown eggs in the Lucky Draw.  The 

first prize, a Macy’s gift certificate donated by an anonymous board member, was won by Susan Pan.  A 

few of us went home with donated prizes from Alex Wong, Crystal Milton and Louisa Leung.

Mahjong Tournament was a special event for the second part of our gathering.  Congratulations to Doris 

Tse, the newly crowned champion.

Lastly, we have to thank Beth Pao for securing such a beautiful venue.  

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped.  Most important a big thank you to all those attended the 

gathering, your presence made this event meaningful and sucessful.  I hope to see you all at the next 

gathering- February 22, 2014.  


Bernice Ng,

Social Director.

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