2017 So. CA Summer Picnic

Event Date: 

First hiking of 2018

Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont/Newark
8000 Patterson Ranch Road, Fremont, CA 94555
http://www.ebparks.org/parks/coyote hills

Meeting place: Visitor Center/Parking Area (parking $5 /vehicle & restroom facilities available). 
 There is educational displays/exhibits in the Visitor Center, and a bird & butterfly Nectar Gardenadjacent

Dr. Arthur Hinton, former Principal of QES, passed away on Nov 23, 2017.

Light a Candle for Dr. Hinton!



Dr. Arthur Hinton 1920 - 2017




Remembering Miss Ruth Wong (Mrs. Ko) by Peter Poon


 Dear All,


I received the following message from Nancy Tang to encourage EVERYONE to provide memories and tributes of our beloved teacher Miss Ruth Wong (Mrs. Ko) by signing the guest book using the link below:


From Nancy Tang to Peter Poon:


Please encourage everyone to sign this guest book from this link:

Tribute to Kwan Sek-Yiu (FA69): by Edward Ng, Tat-Yan Leung, Alex Wong


Tribute to Kwan Sek-Yiu (FA69) 


Edward Ng & Louisa Leung:


Many thousands of us have been fortunate and blessed to be part of the QES family. From time to time, we’re reminded of the motto of “refining oneself to serve the greater self”. We’re especially struck with the emphasis of service to the broader community. Notice it did not challenge us to aspire for great wealth or glamorous fame.

Tribute to Kwan Sek-Yiu 關錫堯(FA 69) by Louisa Leung 林苑萍 (FA59)

Tribute to Kwan Sek-Yiu 關錫堯(FA 69)

By Louisa Leung 林苑萍  FA59


伊利沙伯中學對錫堯來說就是他的第二個[家]。我搜集了不少有關他的資料,整理成一個圖如後列。這個圖是用來表達 錫堯的多元化人生、和對伊利沙伯母校的比重。

我對錫堯的評語是 "He takes my breath away!"他不是五分鐘熱度的人,在過去的四十多年對母校、對工作、對社會和家庭的付出和貢獻是持續有恆的。 他従不問對自己是否有利,只要開始進行一個活動或是計劃便全力以赴。最顯著的是為慶賀伊利沙伯中學六十週年校慶而編輯「我校我城」和Tribute to Queen Elizabeth School 2014特刋。其過程費心費力,當中的人事複雜可以想像。成果是我們有目共睹的伊中舊生會一大成就。

Screenwriter L.P. Leung on his movie ‘The Jade Pendant -- 唐人街 1871’ and its 50 Year Journey

An interview with L.P. Leung about his movie   The Jade Pendant -- 唐人街 1871.  

"The Jade Pendant is a tragic love story during a period of time when Chinese Americans were despised and excluded from white society. The Massacre is a byproduct of this time period that American history has suppressed. I wanted to present an entertaining film but also expose the truth about the struggles and discrimination that Chinese Americans faced."  -- LP Leung