Welcomes Sheung Mei Wong Liu (廖王尚美), of the class of 1961, to QESAAUSA

Please welcome Sheung Mei Wong

The Association welcomes Sheung Mei Wong Liu (廖王尚美), of the class of 1961, to QESAAUSA. 

After QES, Sheung Mei went on to Sir Robert Black College of Education for her teacher training and had been an elementary school teacher for 10 years before she came to New York City in 1972. She went on to study in New York University and worked as a bilingual secretary for Value Line.

She has a thriving crystal product business and currently is the owner of FormArt Corporation, a designer house of crystal products in New York City. One of her masterpieces is the year 2000 Christmas window display at Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan’s midtown. For that project, she worked together with Swarovski, the world renowned Austrian crystal manufacturer, to adorn Bloomingdale’s Christmas window with dazzling Christmas figures and folklores. 

Sheung Mei is married to Kai Yin Liu, also a QES alumnus. The couple lives in New York City.

Caption for picture: Sheung Mei with her husband, Kai Yin Liu. 

- Alex Wong, Membership Director

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