Welcomes Morgan Kan (簡敏廉), of the class of 1960, to QESAAUSA

Please welcome Morgan Kan

The Association welcomes Morgan Kan (簡敏廉), of the class of 1960, to QESAAUSA. He joined the Association in early June 2012.

Morgan graduated from QES in 1960 and then went on to King’s College for Form 6 and 7 and matriculated in 1962. He then joined Hang Seng Bank where he worked for twenty years until 1982. He moved to USA in 1983 and is now living in Milpitas, CA.

Morgan loves swimming and Chinese calligraphy. He is retired since 2009. Now he administers therapeutic massage for people who suffer back pain.

Morgan is also a member of Cancer Support Group of Herald Care. 

- Alex Wong, Membership Director

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