QESAAUSA - Report and Announcements – March 2014

Dear fellow QES alumni,


Warm greetings to you all, and a special recognition to our members in Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington, in addition to associate members in France, Hong Kong,  and Singapore. We are so proud of our geographic footprint!


The current Board of Directors began serving our members from March 13, 2013. This is a report on our completed tasks and work-in-progress.



QESAAUSA - Report and Announcements – March 2014


1.       We passed an amendment to QESAAUSA Constitution - Article 11:

From: “Upon proposal by the Board of directors or by written petition signed by ten percent (10%) of the membership, the constitution may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or in part, by majority votes (more than 50%) of the membership.  Proxy votes and votes in absentia through mail, fax or e-mail are to be included.”

To:“Upon proposal by the Board of Directors or by written petition signed by ten percent(10%) of the membership, the constitution may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or in part, by majority votes of no less than (70%) of the casting votes.  Proxy votes and votes in absentia through mail, fax or email are to be included.”

2.   IT Director Gavin Chan gave our website a facelift.  We now have a sleek, user-friendly homepage. Please visit to read and share news with fellow alumni.


3.   We renewed our commitment to outreach to out-of-state members and to welcome visiting school mates. Recent guests included Mrs. Ruth Wong, our vice principal/teacher.

4.   Owed to your enthusiastic participation, we have completed a survey to explore our alumni's endeavors in America with 34% return rate. Result of findings will be published on our website.

5.   Peter Poon, Keith Cho and Louisa Leung paid separate visits to ex-QES principal Dr. Arthur Hinton in Wolver Hampton, UK. We were pleased to find him in very good health and spirits.


6.   Annual meetings

a)   On February 22, 2014, the Annual General Meeting was held in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was a great turnout with 46 attendees. Members shared a delicious meal, Karaoke, and laughs over games. We were moreover treated to an erwu recital by George Lai. Doris Tse expressed in song and lyrics ‘伊中情緣’ our fondness for our alma mater. Social activity director Bernice Ng organized the event with help from many volunteers.  Anita Chu and Connie Lee managed the fund raising jewelry sale. Susan Pan demonstrated her tremendous talent in making fine jewelry. Kudos to all! 

b)   The SoCal Annual Dinner took place February 23, 2014 in Arcadia, CA, where alumni gathered for a gourmet banquet. It was no small feat to coordinate events with members distributed over a large geographic area.  Peter Poon and Keith Cho made it happen. Over scrumptious seafood, old friendships were rekindled and new ones were forged.


7.  Members also gathered for two summer picnics last year.



Celebrating QES60 - in support of QESOSA

i.         Fund-Raising
Our targeted goal for the special QESOSA 60th Anniversary Scholarship Fund is US $5,000. As a group, we have so far raised $3,582 USD, which is very close to our being recognized as Silver Patron (see footnote.) All donations will directly benefit the education programs outlined in the campaign notes. Please help us meet this worthy goal! A consolidated check will be presented at the Celebration Gala Dinner in Hong Kong on November 22, 2014. Checks should be made payable to Ms Beth Pao (Treasurer) and mailed to 4180 Lark Court, Fremont CA 94555, c/o Louisa Leung. Note: donations are not tax-deductible as we are not registered as a nonprofit group.


ii.       QES60 Gala Dinner in Hong Kong
Date:                  November 22, 2014
Time:                 pre-dinner activities 3:00 - 6:00pm, dinner at 7:00pm
Venue:               Hall 2, Asia World Expo. Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Fees:                  HK $780.00
Registration:       See QES60 Gala Dinner Reservation Form.doc.

                                Details will be posted on QESAAUSA website. 


Thank you for your attention and continual support to QESAAUSA!


Best regards,


Louisa Leung





For details of the campaign, please click

QES60 donation form (doc version) 
QES60 donation form (pdf  version)

About QESOSA Education Promotion Organization.pdf 



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