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Lap Poon Leung, 57FA, Author of The Jade Pendant

Pauline Yen 梁美恩, 63FA, is a long time member residing in Alhambra. Her brother, Lap Poon Leung 梁立磐, 57FA, also a long time member and a retired CPA from Santa Monica, has turned himself into a writer after retirement. He is the editor of Portraits of Pride I & II which list the biographies of various well-known Chinese Americans and their accomplishments. There is plan to donate a set of these book to all American high schools so that our younger generation can learn more of these role models in their life as Immigrants. LP's latest fiction book, The Jade Pendant, has now been made into a movie. The story uses the LA Chinatown Massacre of 1871 as its historical background. The movie will start playing at AMC theaters on October 24, to commemorate that ugly incident. October 24 was the night the lynching took place. The movie trailers are already available online.  "On October 24, 1871, a white mob rampaged through Old Chinatown in Los Angeles and killed at least 18 Chinese Americans, after a white businessman had inadvertently been killed there in the crossfire of a tong battle within the Chinese community."          ~ Wikipedia


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